Via Classense, 12-Classe-Ravenna-Italia N DI TELEFONO E FAX: +39-(0)544-527005

RistoranteS. Apollinare has had around 20 years of experience in looking after groups, andis therefore able to offer good quality food and service.
TheRestaurant has four rooms with more than 600 seats and a lovely view of thebasilica of S. Apollinare in Classe, wich is one of the world's most importantmonuments for mosaics.
The Restaurant has its own CAR PARK , is 3 Kmfrom Ravenna and is located next to the Basilica.
Classe is in an idealposition for those travelling from Venice to Rome or Assisi, and vice versa, who would likebreakfast or a light lunch in Bar Ristorante S. Apollinare because is nearRavenna 1 Km from the beginning of the E-45 , the main road to Rome. 

Youwill never forget the Basilica's mosaics and our hospitality in Ristorante