Visto i rapporti di amicizia che spesso sono nati con i clienti del Ristorante, mi č venuta l' idea di creare questa pagina nella quale vorrei pubblicare i saluti, le domande, le notizie e le foto che i gli amici di tutto il Mondo desiderino inviarci via e-mail

Often happen to me to enter into friendship with the costumer of my restaurant, so I had the idea to create this page in which I'd like to publish the greetings, questions, news and photographs that our friends, from all over the world, want to send me by e-mail

As you will see a lot of my costumer ask me about the Lasagna recipe, so I've created a page in wich I put my mother's most requested recipes:

- I just returned home to the US after a wonderful trip to beautiful Italy.
We stopped for lunch at your restaurant and enjoyed the lasagna.
Now that our trip is finished, we have agreed that your lasagna was the very best meal we had.
Thank you so much for providing the recipe so that I can try and make it for my family and friends.
Sincerely, Carole

- My husband and I visited your restaurant last week as part of a Trafalgar tour with our guide Jeff.
What a treat it was to eat authentic Italian food in such a wonderful setting! I will definitely try your recipes. Thank again.
Carol and Eugene from Canada

- We visited & dined at your establishment as part of a Globus tour on the 4th June 2013 with tour guide Salvatore!
We dined on the thick spaghetti which came with a beautiful pasta tomato sauce. You passed around your business cards & indicated that recipes would be available on request.
As a result we would just love for you to send us your Pasta Tomato Sauce recipe.
Kind Regards
Bruce & Lorainne M.

- Meravigliosa lasagna
Qualche settimana fa ho visitato il tuo ristorante con un gruppo di tour Trafalgar. Ho amato il tuo lasagne! Io vivo in Michigan, Stati Uniti, e speravo che si potrebbe condividere la ricetta con me. Vorrei anche la versione vegetariana se ne avete uno. Grazie per il vostro pasto meraviglioso! Sinceramente, L. Lombardo

- Il mio ristorante preferito.
Lo sono un americano. Ho visitato il vostro ristorante 8 anni fa ed č caduti nell'amore con il vostro cibo! Sono cosė ansioso di tornare lė e godere ancora una volta. La ringrazio molto per il trattamento di me cosė bene.

- Ciao,
Recently we stopped at your restaurant during our Globus tour with Karl.
The Lasagna was the best we ever had. We so enjoyed our time in Italy and look forward to returning. Your restaurant is on our list when we do get back.
The DiLiegros

- We all enjoyed your restaurant so much. It was authentic Italian food that one dreams about.
The fresh pasta was amazing and you were also so friendly. We will visit when we return!!!!
The Wetmore's of New York

- Ciao Paolo
Just returned to America from our Trafalger “Italy Bellisimo’ tour with Anna DiLegge and can’t stop talking about your lasagna that we had for lunch.
I am so excited to have your recipe and will attempt to make the lasagna for my Italian family.
The lasagna was my best meal in Italy on that tour.
I pray to someday return to our homeland and revisit your restaurant.
Thank you for sharing your tasty secret.
God Bless Jim and Judy R***o
Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

- Ciao,
We recently visited your restaurant for lunch on our Globus trip with Silvania, our escort. Our lunch was delicious!
We had the 2 pastas, salad, wine and gelato. The cost was also reasonable. Our host was very nice, he gave us his card and now I can try to make your lasagna.
I haven't made homemade macaroni in a long time but yours was so good I will have to make time to try your recipe. Thanks again if I get to Italy again in a few years I will surely try to stop at your restaurant again!
Bernadette L***e C*******e, Pennsylvania, USA

- Hello Paolo
We visited Italy last October 19 to October 29 with Trafalgar tours. Letizia was our tour guide. Before we stopped at your restorante Abergo Letizia told us to order your lasagna. May family and I loved your lasagna and your hospitality you have such great attention to detail.
Your service was fantastic and your restaurante its a beatiful. Thank you so much for your Mamma's recipe and for making Italy that especial to visit. I hope we return to visit Italy again in our life.
Good bless you and your family. Have a merry christmas and a happy New Year. Ciao. Un saluto da Veronica, Jose, Letticia and Josefina.
From Sacramento California. U.S.A

- Good morning,
A couple of weeks ago I was at my brother’s home and he and his wife had just made your Lasange recipe.  It was the most flavoursome lasagne that I had ever tasted – in fact all 4 of us who were visiting were of the same mind.  We finished the dish!!!. Thank you very much for sharing your recipe with us.    I am about to make the lasagne and I saw that in the recipe for the béchamel sauce is states “1/2 a stick of butter”.  What would the equivalent weight be in ounces?
Kind regards, Vivien T***or
New Zealand.

- Ciao Paolo, We visited Italy September 2009 with Trafalgar tours. Franco F. was our tour guide.
Before we stopped at your ristorante Abergo, Franco told us to order your lasanga. My husband is from Calabria and we both loved your lasanga and your hospitality.
You have such great attention to detail. Your service was fantasitic and your ristorante was very clean.
Thank you so much for your mamma's recipe and for making Italy that more special to visit.
Viva Paolo, Viva Italia from Rudy and Bev Toronto, Canada
Grazia Mille

- Il 31 Maggio 2009 abbiamo avuto il piacere di essere parte del gruppo Globus con la guida Aida, non faccio altro che parlare della vostra lasagna
e dei "strozza preti" un giorno spero di ritornare a trovarvi ma fino a quel giorno provero' a farli anche io qui a Melbourne in Australia tramite le vostre ricette.
Un saluto da
Viviana e Carla Pulvano

- Hello Paolo,
We visited with our Globus Tour led by Christina, just 2 weeks ago ( May of 2009 ). What a wonderful restaurant you have,
the food was marvelous and we are going to try to make your mamma's lasagne - we enjoyed our visit to Italy, but most especially with you.
It was a special treat to be able to have authentic Italian food prepared with love and care. Thank-you for sharing.
Cathy from Lakewood, Washington, USA

- I had the pleasure of having lunch at you lovely restaurant my tour group was globus our tour director was remo
he was right it was just the best pasta i have downloaded your recipes and will share them with my family and friends-my family
think i make the best lasagne i think when they try your recipe they will agree with me yours in the BEST,
as this was my first visit to italy i will always remember your restaurant and food as the best.
kind regards
robyn campbell qld australia

- Hello Ristorante S.Apollinare,
  My family and I, along with a Globus tour group, had lunch at your restaurant last week. I would just like
  to say that it was one of the best meals I had in Italy and your staff was, without a doubt, the nicest
  and friendliest people that I encountered in all of Italy. Thank you very much for your wonderful
  hospitality and food and for placing your recipies online.
  When I return to Italy, in the near future, I will make it a point to return to your wonderful restaurant.
Very Grateful, Celina H.
Riverside, California United States of America

-  Hi Paolo    We visited your restaurant in November 2005. We were with Trafalgar tours with Alberto as our tour leader
   The lasagne we ate at your restaurant is the best we have ever eaten I have told many of my friends about your restaurant.
   Thank you for your generosity in sharing your recipe, I need to try it someday
   Hoping to visit you and your restaurant again
   Hedy Wong, Singapore

- Hello Just got back from my tour of Italy, what a great time we had. I ate in your restaurant with the globus tour.
MY tour director Ignazio Billera told us how great the food was, and was he right. We loved it all.
  I have copies of the recipes to make at home , will try them soon. Thank youe for sharing them on your web site.
  Also thank you for your hospitality.
   Mrs. Pat Vi***** of Margate Florida USA

- Hello my friend,
  I was at your restaurant during the first week of May with the Globus tour and tour director Laura and bus driver Massimo.
  We enjoyed your wonderful lasagna, and I have printed the recipe and am anxious to try to make it.
   I also will try some of the other recipes on your site. I also very much enjoyed the wonderful photos.
   I printed them all out to put with my own photos of my trip to Italy.
  I have been many places, England, Scotland, Ireland, Korea, Cairo, Luxor, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and I love Italy the most.
  I want to come back!! I am going to try to learn some Italian language so when I come back I will be able to speak it a little.
  Thank you again for your hospitality and sharing your web site.
  Your friend from Kentucky (USA)

- Ciao Paolo,  Enjoyed my time with the Trafalgar tour just last month. Your Mama's lasagne was EXCELLENT.
  I have a friend you lives in Cesenatico & I will mention your restaraunt to him so he can visit you.
  Ciao for now,
  Susan T., Melbourne, Australia
  p.s. hope to see you again

-  Hello We came to your restaurant in late Nov 2005,just recently and loved the lasagna you made, Thankyou.
  Many people make lasagna but they don’t all do it quite as well as you.
 So I have been to your website-courtesy of Alberto our tour director,(who is fabulous) And I am going to use the recipe for lasagna to give to my sister,
  she too loves Italian food.
 In English we call it Bechamel sauce,so it is very similar to Italian.
  I wish you well and look forward to some lasagna from you next time I am in Italia.
  Merry Christmas and Best wishes for the New Year Buon Natale
  Trish Dyer

-  Greetings from South Carolina, My husband and I ate lunch at your wonderful restarurant in June. I still remember your fantastic lasagne.
  I am having some friends over on Friday night and I want to try to make it for dinner. Can you tell me how many a recipe of yours makes?
  I am having 10 for dinner and I am going to try to make two pans. Do you think that is enough? I really wish I had some of your wonderful wine to go with it!!!
 Thank you for your recipies. I will let you know how it comes out. Blessings to you and your family. Jan Buck

-  I was on a tour with Trafalgar when we stopped at your restaurant around the middle of Oct 2005.
Our tour director was Paolo.I just want to let you know that you made the best lasagne I have ever tasted.
  You also made us feel so welcome and we truly appreciate that.
  My mouth still waters thinking about how delicious that meal was and I'm thrilled that you have a website.
  I am going to try to make it but I know it won't be the same. Do you make your pasta by scratch? The lasagna was so light!
  Thanks again for your hospitality. Judy Rehm....Ft.Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

- Im from Australia and my daughter and I were privileged to enjoy a lunch at your restaurant as part of our Insight bus tour.
  I must say it was one of  the best meals we had whilst in Italy - Im going to try to cook the lasagne on Sunday for a family dinner -
  the daughter that shared our wonderful trip to Italy is vegetarian so she didn't enjoy the lasagne.
  However her meal was lovely too and you and you wife (or waitress) were so friendly and helpful.
  It really was a highlight of a wonderful journey and we thank you so much. Your website looks great and looks in perfect English too so a job well
  done. I am not sure about the spelling of the bechamella sauce perhaps thats the name in Italian it is different in English which I can give you if you want.
  Anyway I thank you sincerely for a lovely afternoon. I adore your country
  I was there in 1972 - wow has taken soooo long to get back - I hope I will return much sooner next time. Every happiness and success to you, your family and business.
  Kindest regards, ciao Sandra

- Greetings from Sooke, Vancouver Island, BritishColumbia, Canada. We had the pleasure of lunching in your beautiful restaurant, whilst on a bus tour, two years ago.
  We have talked about your food many times since then and this afternoon I found your restaurant on the Computer ( I had lost your card )
  I am now trying to get my wife to attempt to copy your beautiful pasta.
  You will not remember me but I spoke to you and you told us how your father was so proud of his restaurant and told you that you must carry on without making any changes.
  I hope your business is doing well and hope that, one day, we shall meet again.
  kind regards and best wishes, Alan Chamberlain.

-We were on a tour in End of Sept. and had a great meal in your ristorante. There were 6 in our travel group and it was just like eating at home, maybe better no clean up.
  Thanks for making our trip a great one.
  Dave,Nancy Marano San Jose Ca.


- My husband and I came to your restaurant last week with a Globus tour from the USA.. Our tour guide was Ornella, she had told us

   your restaurant was a nice family style place.
   We were very happy with the food and the staff made me feel like we were at my grandmothers house having Sunday dinner.


  The food was excellent as was the service. This was such a nice surprise to find home cooking so far from home.
   Will will stop in again on our next trip to Italy.

   Thank you,
   Josephine and Dominic Satili


A little while ago I visited your ristorante while traveling through Italy and I really enjoyed the everything especially the food.

    Since I got back to the states I have visited your web sight and tried some of the recipes you have posted. They didn't

   come out quite as good as yours but still they were great. If you have any other famous recipes I'd like to try them too.

   Thank you for posting them and don't worry about your English the small errors that were there are not bad at all.

    I am the manager of a  ****  in California next to Disneyland if you ever make it out this way on holiday or anything be sure to 

    look  me up.  Best wishes on continued success with the ristorante and best wishes to you and your family.

     Brian K.
    Anaheim, California


-     Ciao Paolo- I want to tell you what a great time that I and my family had at your restaurant. The food and warm

     hospitality made your   restaurant one of our favorite places on our trip. The ladies who waited on us made us feel very

     much at home; we returned three times and even though we came at the wrong times to eat, they invited us to sit down

     and start early. The family who operate the restaurant are very wonderful people-friendly and kind. We had come from

    California(USA) to visit my son who lives in Godo and plays baseball there. He enjoyed the food very much as well.

    We will tell him to visit you again and tell you "Hi!" from us. Whenever we return to Italy we will visit S. Apollinare again.

    We will also try your recipes-although I do not think we will equal what you serve! Also-I particularly enjoyed the

    roast veal(vitello)- could you tell me how you prepare it?

Many Thanks and warm regards - Pete(Pietro) Candela and family- Ciao!


-   Hello from America,

We're going through our pictures of our exciting trip to Italy and wanted to thank you for a great memory.  Not only was the food wonderful,     but you made us feel as if Italy had opened its arms to us.  Thank you for the meal but even more for hospitality--Italia style! 

Mary Earp-El Paso, Texas


-  Thank YOU very much, as you can read in in this page there are a lot of people who writes to

    me as they are back at home, the persons like you and them give me the joy of doing my job

    in this way. I feel friendship from you and I try to make you feel mine.

Regards, Paolo


-  Ciao Paolo,I had your wonderful lasagna on the Real Italy Tour with Marcello Monici. He was right, your food was heavenly. Thank you for sharing your grandma's secrets. I am going to make this for my little 90 year old Italain grandma and see what she thinks. Good luck always.

Grazie Arrivederci.

Regina R. from Long Island New York.

- This is a photo sent by Nancy L'Heureux, she also was on tour with Marcello:


- Just got back from a very delightful 6 months in Italy, 17 days of which were spent with Eddie on Trafalgar’s Grand Tour of the country.

One thing that I will never forget from this tour is the great food and service we were treated to while stopping at your restaurant for lunch.  I cannot tell enough people that you are worth a visit if they find themselves in Ravenna.  Congratulations and keep up the good work.

I thought my Zia Giovanna made the best lasagna until I tried yours.  Now there is no competition.  I might try and follow your recipe and see

 how I go.


Hope to stop by again when I’m next in Italy.


Until then, tanti cari saluti da Sydney, Australia.


- Greetings from Canada and best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!

When visiting Italy with Antoinellas & Romulos Trafalgar group in mid October, we toured the Basilica en Clare dating to Pagan times. It is an

equisite piece of architecture.

Your Ristorante nearby was the ideal place for a lunch break. I chose your Lasagne which should be rated "as the world's best". You mentioned that you would forward the recipe in english to anyone wishing it.

Please, please, please, I'm dying for another tast of perfection.

The e-mail to which you will be sending it is to a friend.

Thanks you very much. Hopefully our paths will cross again someday. If ever

you should visit Toronto, Ontario my telephone …………………………

Nita Zachary, ………………., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1E 1M9

P.S. I was the spry 82 year old!


- Hello Paolo,  My wife and I with friends had lunch in your restaurant the second week of October.  We were told by our Trafalgar tour director   Marilena, that we could order the best lasagna in Italy.  As it turned out it was the best we ever had anywhere.  We will try your recipe, but I have a  feeling it's not going to be as good as yours.  Maybe you should think about freezing it for mail order request.  I would be first in line.  Thanks again.  Bob and Joan.  New Jersey, USA


- Do you have the recipe for the pasta with prosciutto?  I was on a Globus tour with Ignazio on October 19.  Lunch was wonderful at your restaurant.  I enjoyed it very much.  My email address is below.

Grazie. Cecile Montgomery


- Good afternoon Cecily, thank you for your mail.

I'll try to explain how to prepare the sauce you had on your noodle for two persons.


It is very simple to prepare:


First spread some butter in the bottom of your frying pan

Take 2 prosciutto thick slides (Parma ham, not the cooked one), then cut it in strips 1 or max. 1,5 inch long and put it in the frying pan.

Fry it gently until the prosciutto change its color then add about 1,8 oz of cooked mushrooms

(in Italy we call it “trifolati”, they are mushrooms called “champignon” cooked in this way:

Put some corn oil in your pot just to cover its bottom, put 1 garlic fry slightly and add 7 oz of

“Champignon mushrooms” cut in thick slides.

Add about 4 pinches of salt and 2 pinches of parsley let it boil until the mushrooms become soft)

2 red tomatoes cut in cubes and a little bit of cream.

As you put the cream you can also add  your cooked noodles  in the pot and mix all together, the tomato will cook

Itself enough while you mix the noodles.

I hope it is enough clear, let me know if you can’t understand some step I’ll try to explain it in different words, it’s a little difficult to me write a recipe in English


- Buon Sera, Paolo,

 Grazie mille for the lasagne recipe.  I shall look forward to serving it to my family, although I know it will not be as good as yours because it is not at your beautiful ristorante and the vino buon



Linda E. Wood 

- On April 3 or 4, our group from Trafalgar (Romano was our Tour Director)

arranged for us to eat a delicious lasagna lunch at your restaurant.  It

was the best I have ever had.

I really would like to have your recipe so I can try it for my family here in Los


Ann Lowe

Los Angeles,U.S.A.


- We were with Eddie on Trafalgar tour in March, and your food was the best, and Eddie had us in some very good eating places, I don't think I will asttempt to make the lasagna, as I don't want to screw up a good thing, from Bernie and Randy Justice,Ohio, USA.  God Bless ;you and your Mamma


 -  Thank you for a most delightful experience while we were in Italy. Our tour guide Augusto was right, "There is nothing like Mamas cooking."
Keith & Kristin Davis

- Greetings from Pennsylvania, I was sending you this message to let you know how much I enjoyed visiting your restaurant on our Trafalgar Tour.  I was their with Michael Curran around October 13-14th.  I wanted to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoyed having lunch their, and your Lasagna.  It was fabulous.  I am so glad you handed me your business card.  The first thing I did was copy your recipe for some of my friends.  I am sure they will love it as much as I did.  Please tell Michael you heard from me in the USA.  Tell him he must keep your restaurant on his tour.

Thank You for your hospitality, and great food.


- Thank you so very much for your receipe of Lasagna.  We are still talking about how wonderful it was.  I was so excited to find it on the internet.  I just have to find out how to convert some of your measurements.  I am not too familiar with  gr. and converting the temperature from centigrade to F. I certainly will try to figure it out.  Have a great day and thank you again for sharing a GREAT receipe with us. 
  Robert and Marie Bauman  (Toledo, Ohio  U.S.A.)

- BUONGIORNO In September 2002 we were in GLORIOUS ITALY with Travalgars Grand Tour Of Italy with Rosario. We visited your Ristorante for lunch where we had your delicious lasagne. We looked the recipe up on your web-site and we are now going to attempt to make it. Hope it turns out as delicious as yours was. Arrivederci
Nina and David Pollington
New Zealand

- It has been a year since my friends and I had the most wonderful experience of eating the best lasagna we have ever tasted!  It was in your restaurant, and Barney,our guide from Trafalgar, assured us that our lunch would be memorable.  He was absolutely right!
As an art teacher, I was excited to visit the Basilica, one that I had studied in a college art class.  It was everything I had imagined and more.  What a wonderful experience!  But then to have the best lasagna ever...even a better experience.
As I was going through the photos of our Italian vacation, I came across your brochure.  I had to let you know what a wonderful meal we had, and to ask you if you tell your secret to the wonderful pasta and sauce.  Is there a way we can duplicate (or at least try to produce) the wonderful lasagna we experienced at your restaurant?  We have never had pasta that was so thin and delicate...and the sauce ..and the cheese!
We truly hope to return someday for the restaurant ...and then the Basilica.
Thank you for the wonderful luncheon, and even more, if you would share any recipes.
Carolyn Nafstad

- hi  my name is Bill Elia     we were with a trafalgar tour group at the end of august  our guide was    FRANCO    we had lunch  and had the lazanya    i couldnt beleive how lite it was      i asked for the recepi    and the waitress gave us  your card. thanks again    i cant wait to try it     your country is so beautiful    and your restaurant is just as beautiful.   god bless you       your friend in florida  USA bill   elia      ps    will you ever put in the resepi for your     pizza dough

- I'm gonna put the pizza dough recepy as soon as possible in my "recipes" page - Thank you -

- Hello, I visited your ristorante in June 2001. I really enjoyed your spaghetti. You gave me your website and e-mail address so I can get recipe for your special sauce. I love to visit you again. Maybe next year. Thank you for the wonderful time.
Emma Montaldo

- Hi! During our Best of Italy Trafalgar Tour, we recently had a wonderful meal at your restaurant. You gave us your card and said that if we went on line that you would send us your melt-in-your-mouth delicious lasagna. I tried, but it would not connect. Would you please e-mail it? If we take a bite and close our eyes, we're sure we'll be magically transported to your wonderful country!
Thank you!

- We had the best Lasagna, and have told everyone about it return I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks again.Bill & Sherry Black
Bucyrus, Ohio

- We were with Barney Sel a little over 1 week ago and really enjoyed our lunch and wanted to know how you made the sauce. It was certainly different and very well liked by all of  us on the Trafalgar tour. Hope you continue make the lunches for other travelers as well as you did was excellent. Thank you again.
Bernie as Sue Wilkens. Struthers Ohio USA

- Dear Paolo, Thank you so much for the recipe and helpful suggestions for preparing the lasagna. I'm sure mine will not taste as good because I will not be in your wonderful restaurant, but I will do my best. Arrividerci!Beverly Davis

- Just a quick "thank you" for putting your recipe on the internet.  We will always remember your hospitality as well as your delicious food.  Hopefully we can return someday soon.  Yours truly, Jan Porchia


- Dear Signor, Buona sera. La settimana scorsa, we ate at your buon Ristorante with Trafalgar    tours and Rosa. Mi dia per favore dei recipe for your delicious lasagne. Grazie arrivederci.-

- Hi, I was lucky enough to come to your restaurant with a Marcello Monici (Trafalgar Tours) 2 weeks ago and I got to eat your delicious lasagna. As I read the recipe , I have a question about your meat sauce. You say use tomato soup. Do you mean soup or just liquid tomatoes? In New York , soup would mean something like "Campbells Soup". Should I use that or a can of crushed pomodoro? I am Italian and have never tasted such a delicious meal . I would love to be able to copy it at home but I am sure I can never match yours. Thanks, Paula -

- We visited your delightful restaurant in late Oct, '00 and had the lasagne with Bechemel sauce. Would it be possible to receive the recipe for this dish? It was excellent! Thank you. Lew & Linda.-

- We also enjoyed your lasagna with a Trafalgar Tour with Mark.... It was delicious and I hope to attempt to make it as good as your mother... We were there the beginning of October 00....... Thank you for the recipe...
Del & John -

- Hello , we had the pleasure of dining in your restaurant in October. We were told that if we accessed your web site we could retrieve a lasagna recipe. please forward one if you have it. many thanks, the Zutell's -

- Dear S. Apollinare,
This past winter I had the pleasure and privilege of dining in your
wonderful ristorante.  The meal I ordered included the most wonderful
lazagna I have ever tasted. -

- Hello Mr. Paolo,
I was in your restaurant last April 26, 2001 with Trafalgar Tours (Best of Italy ITBO/694) under Mr. Alberto Fratino. I love your lasagna. I wrote to Ufficio Turismo Comune di Ravenna if they can help me locate your restaurant and get your website. Ms. Glenda Rold replied right away and she was able to locate your restaurant and your website. One question though, what is flour '00'?Good luck to you, your mother and your restaurant 
Meriales, Drex

- Dear Signore:  We ate at your restaurant with Trafalgar tours (with Antonella).   It was a pleasure being there and eat your delicious lasagna.
You said that the recipe will be here at your site.  Can you send it to me?
We said to our friends that we should send the italian cookers from United
States to get some classes from you people of Italy.  Your "cuisine" was
exquisite and we enjoy it very much.  Your people are something else.
Everybody very friendly and happy  people.  Thank you very much.  We love
Italy and we want to come back again! GRAZIE
Luis Trevisio-

- A few weeks ago while on a Trafalgar tour, we stopped
for lunch at your restaurant and had the best lasagna
I've ever had!  My waiter said I could ask for the
recipe, which I'm doing right now!  )Probably won't be
as wonderful since I don't make my own pasta.)
Mary McRaeDear

- Signore,We had the pleasure of dining in your restaurant several weeks ago - it was
We would so much appreciate any recipe (or even suggestions for herbs and/or
other ingredients) for preparing a "real" Italian meat sauce.
Thank you very much for your time and trouble!!!
Yours Faithfully,
Anthony F. Salvati

- Having lunch in your charming restaurant at Classe will be a wonderful memory
for years to come.  Your lasagna was the most extraordinary and delicious
which I have ever tasted.  I would dearly appreciate having the recipe and
look forward to trying to make it should you be so kind as to send it.        
 Thank you so much,
Marion Hopkins

- Just got back from our Best Of Italy Tour with Trafalgar. Our tour director
was Barney Sel. We stopped by your restaurant for a lasagna lunch. My husband
and friends are still talking about the best lasagna they have ever tasted.
Thanks for the recipe. I am going to attempt to make it. Grazie!!!!

- We were in Italy last week and had your wonderful lasagna.  I can still dream
about it it was so wonderful.  I am having problems understanding what  
"besciamella" is?  Can you explain that word or ingredient?  Thank you very
much.  I want to make it for my birthday party dinner.
Wendy Sawyer
California, USA

- I ate in your Ristorante the latter part of March 2001 (with Trafalger Tours). Just wanted to let you know that the Lasagne was the best I have ever eaten. The time spent there will always be remembered as a very delightful time of our tour. Thanks again for the delicious food.
Mary Ellen Cowan, Tennessee

- How amazing that we can correspond across the world so quickly. Thank you very much for answering me so promptly and I will enjoy making this lasagna as I think of the lovely place it came from.
Best wishes, Marion Hopkins

- Just got back from our Best Of Italy Tour with Trafalgar. Our tour director was Barney Sel. We stopped by your restaurant for a lasagna lunch. My husband and friends are still talking about the best lasagna they have ever tasted.
Thanks for the recipe. I am going to attempt to make it. Grazie!!!!

- We were in Italy last week and had your wonderful lasagna. I can still dream about it it was so wonderful. I am having problems understanding what "besciamella" is? Can you explain that word or ingredient? Thank you very much. I want to make it for my birthday party dinner.
Sincerelyl Wendy Sawyer
California, USA

- Hello Paolo, Having returned to NZ after a fabulous Best of Italy tour with Eddie, I just had to search your web site for that delicious receipe of Lasagne - & I was delighted find it. A wonderful dish I will now convert "all NZ'ers" to this receipe...& tell them to visit your restaurant & the beautiful area of Ravanna.
Many thanks Jeanette Townend
Palmerston North New Zealand

- Just got back from visiting Italy and your restaurant while with a Trafalgar tour. Our tour director was Giovanna. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your restaurant and the friendliness of your staff. We wish you continued success in your business.
We were unable to bring up the recipe for your lasagna on the web page and were wondering if it would be possible for you to e-mail it to us? (The best lasagna we have had) We want to share this delight with other friends and family. I hope we can make it properly.
Best wishes, Bill & Betty Caldwell
Modesto, California USA

- I just down loaded your LASAGNE,which are tour director EDDIE DROHAN said would be one of the best meals we would have in Italy, he was right. I think we were there on the 13/10/01 a Saturday not sure but will check it out with my Lady Friend. I am going to try the recipes in the next week or so.
Ciao, Joe Kirwan

- Hi, I too am among your many visitors who loved the luncheon you served. I have your card and visited your web site to get the lasagna recepe but I couldn't find it only the cake one and since I didn't eat any of the cake and you said we could the the lasagna recepe from you, please send it to my or tell me where I can look for it. It was soooo good Thank you very much.
We were there 2 weeks ago with Gino from Globus Tours. Janet

- Received the recipe for the lasagna but have not tried to make it yet. I think we will try to make it on a Saturday when we have the time to cook it the proper way.
Thank you for taking your time to send the recipe, we appreciate it.
Bill & Betty Caldwell

- My Wife & I, love dah sauce! would you be so kind to share the recipe!?
Your friends from Erie, PA, USA Jim & Marion Spencer

- Thank you so much for your prompt reply. The recipe sounds delicious and I will make it for my family next week. We wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas. The Zutell's.-

- Dear Signore, I can't thank you enough for you kindness in responding (and providing) your recipe for a basic red sauce. We cannot wait to visit your wonderful restaurant again soon ! Have you ever considered moving you and the entire staff to Los Angeles and opening a restaurant ? I'm just kidding - but we would love it!
Until our next trip - we say thank you once again!
Anthony Salvati

-Thanks Paolo. I hope you can come and visit Canada. Just let me know if you are coming. I will be glad to show you our city.-

Meriales, Drex

-You can find the recipe of lasagna in the page called "Recipes" .


- Ciao Paolo, quando ho letto tutti i e-mails dei tuoi clienti ( che sono cosi contenti) ho solo una domanda....cosa gli dai da mangiare...????? Solo Lasagna...?
L'altro giorno quando c'ero io, abbiamo mangiato Tortellini ..! Era buonissima ! Complimenti per tutti vuoi, avvete fatto un gran lavoro.
Spero di tornare presto, ciao           Monique ( da Olanda)

-Ciao Monique! non do solo Lasagne nel mio ristorante, gli unici miei clienti che usano normalmente internet sono gli Americani, loro mangiano quasi sempre le lasagne perchč le guide turistiche le consigliano. Quindi le e-mail me le mandano solo loro e parlano solo di Lasagne.
Ciao Paolo